Hex: The Series

Ages 9–13

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Hex: The The Apprentice!
Robin West has always wondered just what kind of artist her grandmother is. When she finds out that Gram practices a family tradition of making hexes, paintings that have the power to make things happen or not happen, Robin’s life gets far more complicated than she ever expected. Targeted by intolerant neighbors, Robin must protect herself and the ones she loves from a force greater than she could have ever imagined.

Book 2 of the Hex Series
Robin West is still learning how to be a hexenmeister, developing her strengths and trying to avoid making mistakes. Under her grandmother’s watchful eye, Robin tests the limits of her new powers. But life is different as her mother has come home and has been joined by a strange new man. As Robin tries to adjust to the new addition to the family, creatures are being spotted lurking around town, creatures that look like children! What are they? What do they want? As the threat gets closer to home, Robin must protect the people and the place that she loves against a force not of this world.

Book 3 of the Hex Series
While helping with her best friend’s ice cream stand, Robin sees a man watching her. Who is this odd man dressed in an old-fashioned suit? Robin thinks he must be a hipster or an actor, but he continues to stalk her. Robin is afraid, but mostly because he seems so familiar. How can this stranger be so familiar? Robin finally connects it when she spots the man again—in her grandmother’s photos from 1954! What is this stranger doing in the 21st century? What does he want from Robin? Book 3 concludes Robin’s story as the fate of the whole hexenmeister line rests with her.

  • Hex: The Apprentice: Softcover

    Hex: The The Apprentice