Brattle Publishing

Press Release: March 22, 2013

Brattle Releases its First Fiction Title, The Last Akaway

Dallas, Texas—Brattle Publishing launched its new entertainment press with the release of the new book by children’s author, Gary Karton’s titled The Last Akaway. The book, intended for children ages 9–13, is the story of Brody Boondoggle, a young hero, and his brother Jake, who embark on a series of adventures to save a mysterious magical creature called an Akaway.

“Brattle is excited to be working with author Gary Karton and launching this new facet of our business with this wonderful story and the products that it will inspire. Gary’s belief in children, the special abilities they have, and his message that promotes creativity, imagination, and literacy fit perfectly with Brattle’s mission,” said Brattle Marketing and Sales Coordinator Barbra L. Lena.

The book has received favorable reviews, including one from Kirkus Reviews that described the story as,

“…a spirited journey of self-discovery and a celebration of childish imagination, as well as an exploration of kids’ resourcefulness and inherent goodness. A refreshingly imaginative, emotionally satisfying quest for all ages.”

The Last Akaway is currently available in hardcover, Kindle and other eBook formats, as well as an audio edition. These products can be purchased through Brattle’s online store or through Brattle will also release a line of spirit animal necklaces this summer. These products are an important part of the story and are expected to be a hit with readers.

Gary Karton began his career as a reporter for The Washington Post. He has spent the past 17 years working for children and families at nonprofits such as the Welfare to Work Partnership, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and Safe Kids Worldwide. Gary lives in Virginia with his wife, two sons, and dog.

Gary’s two upcoming titles in the Brody Boondoggle series will be The Rock of Sarraka and Doctor Dave’s Vision. Readers can contact author Gary Karton at the series website,