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Press Release: February 17, 2016

Brattle Publishing launches campaign to support upcoming A Raccoon’s Tale: Seven Saves the Notch

Campaign will support students in author Fran Hodgkins’ hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts

DALLAS, TX – Brattle Publishing Group (BPG) launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the publication and distribution of its upcoming preteen novel A Raccoon’s Tale: Seven Saves the Notch. The socially conscious coming of age tale was written by award-winning children’s book author Fran Hodgkins and illustrated by Donnachada Daly, a pioneering animator and illustrator who was directing animator on Shrek, Shrek 2, Madagascar, and Antz. The campaign will run through March 30, 2016. A Raccoon’s Tale is set for wide-release in early spring 2016.

A Raccoon’s Tale follows a clever raccoon named Seven Rings Moon and her companions on an exciting journey complete with challenges, obstacles and a most important quest to save their forest (the Notch). Their journey combines action and adventure, while exploring the theme of humanity’s destruction of nature.

“This preteen animal adventure is designed to teach kids important values such as loyalty, curiosity, and personal growth, as well as the importance of conserving our great planet,” says Richard A. Lena, BPG’s President and Publisher. “Support for our campaign will help BPG to publish and put A Raccoon’s Tale in the hands of children from coast to coast.”

Hodgkins is the author of over 20 non-fiction titles. Her first book, The Orphan Seal, received the Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award from the ASPCA, and How People Learned to Fly is listed as an exemplar in the Common Core English Language Arts standards. A Raccoon’s Tale is Hodgkin’s first fiction title.

“Growing up, I loved animals and books, especially books! The neighborhood branch library was one of my favorite places. I spent hours there, reading my way through the children’s book collection,” Hodgkins says. “I’ve always loved nature and science, and loved writing as well, so it seemed only logical I would grow up to write about science and nature for children.”

Weaved throughout A Raccoon’s Tale are Daly’s comic book style illustrations. Daly is the creator and pioneer of 3D Illustration. In 2008, he released Depth Charge, 3D Illusions, a book filled with 3D images that jump from the page without the need for any special glasses. His latest features include Over The Hedge, Bee Movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, and Shrek 4.

The crowdfunding campaign for A Raccoon’s Tale features several perks for supporters, including the opportunity to preorder soft and hard copies of the book, a thank you from Seven on Twitter, a first edition signed copy of the novel, and classroom visits and Skype opportunities with Hodgkins. For $35, supporters will receive a first edition copy of A Raccoon’s Tale, and BPG will donate a copy of the novel for students in Lynn, Massachusetts, Hodgkins’ hometown.

“I hope that people will give copies of this book because it’s a story that shows how you can change your life by being brave – to dream big, and to find a way to make those dreams come true. I was fortunate, when I was growing up in Lynn, to be surrounded by people who encouraged me to do just that – dream big dreams and make those dreams reality. Although I’m not there any longer, I want to be one of those encouraging voices for today’s children in the city,” Hodgkins says.

“Fran’s decision to support her hometown through the campaign exemplifies BPG’s values, and our commitment to provide quality literature for children of every age,” says Lena. “Our primary goal at BPG is to create materials that promote a lifelong love of literature, and we are humbled by the opportunity to share our books with students across Lynn, Massachusetts, a city just next door to Revere, Massachusetts where I was raised.”

Additional information on A Raccoon’s Tale, Hodgkins, and Daly can be found on the campaign’s website and on BPG’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts.

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About A Raccoon’s Tale: Seven Saves the Notch

Seven Rings Moon is a clever raccoon destined to save the forest! Chased from their home in the city, Seven Rings Moon and her sister Arnica set out to find the mythical raccoon homeland, the Notch. On their journey, the sisters face dangers including deadly coyotes, evil raccoon rulers, and the destruction of humanity’s urban sprawl. This delightful tale of family loyalty will raise your awareness of these adorable forest creatures and their struggle with humanity’s expanding presence.