Brattle Publishing

Press Release: June 12, 2013

Brattle and RTI Develop a New Early Grades Reading Program for Liberia

Dallas, Texas—Brattle Publishing Group is continuing to collaborate with Research Triangle International (RTI) and the Liberian Ministry of Education to develop a new elementary Reading and Language Arts program. Expected in Liberian schools this fall, the new Reading program will be a comprehensive curriculum for grades 1-3 and is expected to extend the tremendous success RTI has had increasing literacy in Liberia. Working closely with Liberian literacy and cultural experts, Brattle Publishing has created a 30-week program complete with daily lessons, student activity books, decodable and fluency readers, letter cards, and a variety of other classroom resources.

After completing our successful partnership in Mathematics, We were thrilled to continue working with the very dedicated team at RTI,” said Richard Lena, co-Founder of Brattle Publishing Group. “By giving the educators of Liberia a comprehensive program complete with instruction in all strands of Reading and Language Arts, we are certain to have a positive impact on the literacy initiatives in Liberia.

In addition, to the upcoming Reading program, Brattle Publishing is also developing a 12-week teacher education and certification program designed to instruct education students working toward their national teaching certification. Working with Dr. Shirley Dickson and Dr. David J. Chard of Southern Methodist University, Brattle will deliver the program for use by Liberia’s 2013-2014 elementary teacher cohorts.

First grade pilots of the new Reading program will begin this September and are expected run throughout the school year. Materials for grades 2 and 3 will be completed later this year and piloted in schools in early 2014.